Seeking leads on university usages of Git

Seeking leads on university usages of Git

In which I ask for leads and examples in support of a conference presentation I'm to give.

I am seeking interesting examples of use of Git in universities

  • especially in tracking things that are not "development" of the "source code" of "software"
  • especially usages with teaching, learning, research, administration, or outreach aspects.

Things like: use of Git

  • in the academic authoring and publication process, especially in implementing peer review
  • in student team collaboration and instructor feedback to students
  • in collaboration on not-traditional-source-code artifacts, e.g. music, art, experiment protocols
  • in making the history of artifacts available for student exploration
  • in authoring, evolving, tracking policy
  • in driving down the friction in web and other content management

These will be supporting background, context, and if appropriate examples for a conference presentation on the potential of Git / GitHub / GitLab in universities.

Any leads, examples, conversations appreciated.

I am reachable on Google Plus and via my UW-Madison email address.

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