Presentation ideas

In which I share some ideas for presentations.

  • Practical experience with Clojure, in production.
  • Cross-institutional collaboration and code sharing beyond Portlets and war files
  • Static site generators as alternative to tools like WordPress and Drupal
  • Getting Things Done: personal productivity and workflow for higher education IT professionals
  • DevOps : beyond the buzzword
  • Responsibly, sustainably, effectively incorporating "The Cloud" into Higher Education IT
  • Avoiding vendor lock-in: responsibly stewarding university resources today and tomorrow
  • Docker applied in higher education IT
  • Continuous delivery in higher education IT
  • Recruiting IT staff in higher education
  • Retaining IT staff in higher education
  • Sustainably and responsibly handing security vulnerabilities in Apereo products
  • GitHub Pages for sustainable documentation and websites for Apereo products
  • Remote-first: successfully enabling remote IT staff in higher education
  • "Siri, open tonight's Microeconomics reading": Conversational user interfaces in higher education