Transient Office365 OWA searching glitch

Transient Office365 OWA searching glitch

In which I share today's Office365 OWA searching bug.

What I was trying to do

I was trying to search for emails involving the email list, so that I could reply to one of them.

What happened

(See screenshot in post image.)

  1. Clicked into search box
  2. Typed "lic"
  3. Observed handy suggestion of filtering on From: Handy! Appreciated!
  4. Clicked the suggestion.
  5. Nothing happened.
  6. Furiously clicked the suggestion several more times.
  7. More nothing happened.

What should have happened

Step 4 should have populated the search with the syntax for filtering on from: and submitted the search.

Transient, workaround

Logging out and logging back in, the search UI seemed to have changed and I was no longer able to replicate this experience.

And then a few minutes later it changed back and I am again able to replicate the experience.