Apereo Newsletters Collected

In which I scratch my itch for a page that lists recent Apereo newsletters.

Notes here are selfishly focused on aspects of Apereo most relevant to me.

Ordered most recent to least recent.


February and March

(Posted to Apereo Announcements Google Group.)

ESUP-Days 21 / Apereo Europe 2016 happened.

Slides and videos available, in English even.

There was a presentation (2016-02-02) about UPMC's upgrade to uPortal 4.2 (English slides, video.) It featured some information about UW-Madison's angularjs-portal work (see slide 40, video at 29 minutes.)

Newsletter item about angularjs-portal re-launching search features.


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(Posted to Apereo announcements Google Group.)

Cirrus Identity became an Apereo commercial affiliate.

Active Apereo email lists migrated to become Apereo Google Groups.


(Posted to Apereo announcements Google Group.)

Announcement of November 11 Hangout on Air wrt MyUW and its software components, intended to be one of (and so far the only of) a hoped-for series of Hangouts sharing progress and perspectives of uPortal adopters.

Universities can join the Open Source Initiative as Affiliate Members, and Marist College did.

Posting of the (now filled) UW-Madison MyUW developer job opening.

Sakai 11 has a PA System tool for publishing banner-across-the-top alerts to Sakai, that are optionally dismissable. Reminds of, may inspire ideas about, notifications in portals.

September and October

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Apereo FARM (Funding and Resource Management).

Apereo OAE 12 released.

June and July

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BedeWork : still a great open source event calendar, a decade into the project.

Apereo Incubation is a going concern. OpenDashboard (a web application framework for displaying visualizations and data views called "cards") entered incubation in June 2015.

University of Delaware sought feedback on whether their Spring web application implementing self-service course registration experiences should be developed into an open source tool, run through Apereo incubation, or if higher education would rather keep paying vendors hefty annual fees for inferior solutions, force their students to use slow and clunky PeopleSoft Student Information System UIs, or continue to prefer local one-off custom software development and miss opportunities to collaborate and share solutions.

Patrick Masson (Open Source Initiative)'s excellent keynote presentation The Real Meaning of Open is available as a YouTube recording.


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2015 Apereo Fellows announced, including UW-Madison's Tim Levett.

ESUP-Portail and French Ministry of Higher Education and Research reinforce commitment to collaborating with Apereo. Apereo as strategic.

Communities of interest formed around internationalization, accessibility.

OAE 11 released.

Apereo Incubation Process is a going concern, opportunities to get involved.

2016-04-29 webinar on what's new in uPortal, as YouTube video.



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Apereo OAE 9 release.

uPortal 4.1.1 release.

Call for uMobile community involvement.

Bedework 3.10 release.


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Apereo OAE 6 release.

Incubation as going concern; opportunities for more mentors to participate in, contribute to incubation.